Google Software Principles

DriverAgent holds its features which completely comply with the Google software principles. The Google software principles are headed hereunder and at the same time we explained features of DriverAgent so that it may be equated easily.


DriverAgent holds clear cut policies about software installation and rejects the forced installation tactics. Therefore if someone wants to use it – he/she can install it through standard installation procedure. In addition, it strictly follows the software principles developed by Google. Our first preference is to protect the user privacy.

Upfront Disclosure

DriverAgent holds upfront disclosure which a user can find in its FAQs, Web Site Registration Page and in the user interface.

Simple Removal

DriverAgent has structured its technology on the basis of user authority. The technology development was aimed to provide technical solutions to the computer users to optimize their gaming experience. However, if anybody desires to remove the developed technology from his/her personal computer he/she is free to do so.

Clear Behavior

DriverAgent believes on clear behavior and it clearly opposes the deception.


DriverAgent holds an inflexible privacy policy which does not allow sharing any personal information of its customers even it strictly disallow sharing information of its visitors. The web site and the software do not attempt to transmit any information from users’ computers.

Keeping Good Company

Integrity is integral part of our organization. Our business plan is quite straightforward and we don’t embed any bundle offer in our software product. We always make it sure to provide the best and accurate solutions to the affected computer users.